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Maestro Series Overview
When we first unveiled the original Maestro longboard in 2010, we changed the way people thought about a commuter skateboard. Forward positioned camber offered a pushing advantage that few had experienced and the Maestro quickly became our most popular board. This year we’re proud to unveil 3 Maestro Special Editions for your pushing pleasure.

Maestro Classic
This year’s Maestro Classic is the newest version of our original Maestro design. It maintains our proven 8ply Canadian Maple layup for a mild, responsive flex and long life. The rails and tails have been slightly squared off to provide a little more feedback under your feet while pushing, sliding or freestylin’. Once again, we’ve reinvented the details of our Limited Edition version with stained veneer and an all new Maestro Monkey graphic from artist Colby Snyder. Learn more at http://www.bustinboards.com/maestro-classic-artist-series

Maestro Mini
The Maestro Mini was first released in 2011 after we heard lots of feedback from Maestro fans wanting something more stashable but trashable. Since then we’ve refined the board each year, eventually creating what many believe is the best drop-thru mini board available. A super low platform extends into usable kicktails with concave stretching throughout the deck for strength and control. Learn more at http://www.bustinboards.com/maestro-mini34-artist-series

MaestroPRO ThermoCarbon
In keeping with the natural progression of the Maestro movement, we developed the first MaestroPRO in 2012 to be a fiberglass reinforced, top-shelf edition. This year’s edition represents the pinnacle of our exploration into Maestro-tech with a new ThermoCarbon construction and our new soft camber mold. While still maintaining its crown as a competition push board, this new symmetrical shape supremely accommodates a range of skating styles from freestyle to freeride to hard carving bliss. Learn more at http://www.bustinboards.com/maestro-pro