To make an order select the appropriate products and confirm the order.

You can use discount coupons when making your Order. Each promotional code coupon is a combination of letters or numbers.


You can use the promotional code during checkout.
Coupons can be obtained through advertisments.

Order payment

Purchases will be settled in euros.

You can pay for your purchases in 3 different ways:

By choosing "Payment through PayPal environment", you can pay instantly using the secure PayPal payment environment.

By choosing "Payment by bank link", you can instantly pay via bank links, using the secure SEB E-Commerce payment environment.

By choosing "Payment by Invoice", we will send you an invoice with the delivery time within 1 working day. The invoice/order will be cancelled if the payment has not been received within 5 business days.

You can pay for the products also in instalments provided by ESTO AS/Kevin EU UAB.


We will send out the goods that are available in stock within 1 working day. We will send a confirmation email with the delivery time and delivery terms for the items labelled "On request" within 1 working day.

Orders and additional questions can also be sent to the e-mail address info@longboard.ee or call us +372 53 07 98 11; +372 55 67 42 42.