Longboard or "long board" is not a simple children's toy or, in no case, just another piece of sports equipment, but something for people who enjoy the ride, the open air, the sights & the atmostphere.

I learned to ride in the early childhood with the "Soviet" skateboards. A decade went by, childhood passed. One day, after seeing a longboard in one dedicated skate shop - it became an obsession to get one and ride again. It took another couple of years before the obsession and the dream were fulfilled.

Longboard.ee is created and driven by an idea/dream - by people who refuse to grow up. Our longboard store is certainly not another BUSINESS, but rather an enterprise driven by enthusiasts, the main goal of which is to spread the longboard fever and offer truly good boards.

In Estonia, there are surprisingly many interesting curves, gentle descents and endless paths in scenic places to explore. When we travel around Estonia, we always have the longboards with us.

The longboards are practical companions: they don't run out of petrol or battery, they're light enough to carry. You can just sit on them and eat ice cream.

 Dream it, Think it, Do it!